No Win No Fee; What Does It Mean

If you are checking a number of websites you will see this kind of phrase on some of them.

It doesn’t always mean the same thing.

A true No Win No Fee agreement means that the lawyer shares the risk with you that your case might not be successful. The lawyer will guarantee you against payment of all outlays and expenses such as medical and liability reports.

If the insurer refuses to settle your claim and proceedings are required, the lawyer should make it clear that they will guarantee you against adverse costs if your case is lost.

We will set all of this out in our Client Care Agreement with you.

But nothing is completely free. At the end of the case we will deduct a percentage from the damages we recover on your behalf, to reflect the risk we have undertaken. Our normal deduction is calculated on work done with a maximum deduction of 20% of damages recovered. We make an exception for car accident cases, where there is usually no deduction if we can settle without litigation, and 15% if we have to raise proceedings for you.

We do not compete on price.

You might be able to sign up for a cheaper service somewhere else, and if that is a major consideration you should go there.

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