A single act of negligence can change a victim’s life forever. Even after months of pain and physical therapy, victims of serious accidents may still not be able to return to their former lives, robbing them of their ability to earn a living and take part in activities they used to enjoy. When these injuries happen, we make sure that the negligent party takes responsibility so victims can get the peace of mind they need to move forward.

Our lawyers know how an unexpected injury can turn a person’s life upside-down. That is why we help ease the financial and emotional burden our clients are under with our "no-win, no-fee" pledge, paying court fees out of our own pockets until we secure compensation. Contact us today by calling 0800 009 6953 or complete our online enquiry form to set up a no-obligation chat with a lawyer.

Common Types of Permanent Injury Caused by Negligence

We help victims across the West of Scotland who have suffered severe or permanent injuries that have affected their ability to live and work as they once did. Whether you were injured in a road traffic accident, at work, at a construction site, or by a defective product, we can advise you on your claim and help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

We can advise clients who have suffered a wide variety of injuries, including:

  • Eye injuries. An eye injury can impact every aspect of a victim’s daily life. Chemical exposure or sudden trauma can result in corneal damage, retinal detachment, blindness, or even the total loss of one or both eyes. 
  • Amputations. The loss of a finger, toe, hand, or limb can result in irreversible effects on a victim’s mobility and dexterity, as well as cause mental trauma that affects quality of life.
  • Brain injuries. Car accidents and falls from height are the most common causes of acquired brain injury, including concussion, diffuse axonal injury, skull fracture, contusions, and brain hemorrhage.
  • Back and spine injuries. Spinal cord injuries are some of the most costly and devastating injuries for victims and families. Depending on the location of the injury, a victim may suffer reduced mobility, incontinence, sexual dysfunction, partial paralysis, or total immobility.
  • Children’s injuries. A serious injury to a child can have a significant impact on the child’s future, increasing medical costs and depriving him or her of the ability to live independently. We can advise you on injuries to children caused by road traffic accidents, accidents at school, defective products, or injuries that occurred while your child was under someone else’s care.
  • Multiple injuries. The more injuries a person sustains, the greater the degree of physical and emotional trauma he or she will suffer. Serious accidents can cause a combination of injuries, including brain injuries, back injuries, organ damage, internal bleeding, or compound bone fractures throughout the body.

How Our Permanent Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Serious Injury Has Changed Your Life

Permanent Injury LawyersConway Accident Law is built on personalised, compassionate service for each of our clients. We examine your home life, hobbies, and occupation to create a full picture of how your injury has changed your life. We listen to your concerns and always act in your best interests, making sure you have everything you need during your recovery while we pursue your legal case. 

Our lawyers work to relieve the pressures and hardship of a serious injury by:

  • Addressing your needs first. No two injuries are exactly alike, and each client will have different concerns at the beginning of a case. That’s why we begin by discussing your goals, current difficulties, and worries before progressing into the case, such as acquiring specialist equipment or care while you wait for your claim to be resolved.
  • Exploring benefit options. A serious injury may qualify you for public benefits, while the amount you receive for an injury claim can affect the amount of these benefits. We can examine both your eligibility for benefits before you file, as well as determine how any lump-sum payment will affect your means-tested benefits in the future.  
  • Proving negligence. Victims are required to prove negligence in order to obtain compensation, even as they are coping with the overwhelming pain and pressures of a life-changing injury. We take up this responsibility on your behalf, identifying all potential parties—such as an employer, coworker, product manufacturer, or negligent driver—who can be named in your personal injury lawsuit.
  • Providing for your past and future care. The amount of compensation you receive for your injuries can vary depending on your prognosis. When we calculate compensation in an injury claim, we include the total amount you have paid for medical bills and your income losses, plus the future care and services you will need to support your recovery. We also examine whether someone else could be liable for adaptations to your home, transport and travel expenses, private healthcare, and specialised rehabilitation or therapy.

The legal team at Conway Accident Law has over three decades of experience working exclusively for claimants, helping them get all they are owed after a serious accident. However, the more time we have to investigate your claim, the better your chances of recovering compensation. If you have questions about your recovery or need more information about filing a claim, simply fill out our enquiry form to set up your no-obligation conversation with our permanent injury lawyers.


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