We are ethical, respect our fee-sharing partners and never forget that the people they refer to us are our clients for that one case only.

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At the end of the case, we want your clients to go back to you and to thank you for referring them to us.

Download information about our Fee-Share Agreement.

Problem Scenario | 1

You have taken your client’s personal injury claim as far as it can go. The insurers have repudiated, or are simply ignoring you. Their silence is in inverse proportion to the number of your client’s calls as he badgers you for progress. A good client relationship is about to go bad.

Solution: Call or email The Conway Accident Law Practice. Refer your client to us under our Fee Sharing Agreement. We will take the file over and deal with any outstanding outlays. When we resolve the case - whether before or after litigation - we will pay you 30% of all fees recovered.

Problem Scenario | 2

Your receptionist puts through a call to you from an existing client. She has had a road traffic accident. She needs quick advice about a car hire, car replacement, wage loss or other heads of claim. You simply can’t deal with yet another urgent matter on your to-do list.

Solution: Call or Email The Conway Accident Law Practice We will contact your client immediately and will look after her. We will pay you 30% of all fees recovered.

Problem Scenario | 3

A valued client calls you to say that his son has been involved in a serious accident. You know the case will involve massive outlays including expert liability outlays, care costs and medical reports.

Solution: Refer your client to The Conway Accident Law Practice from the outset. We will meet all outlays and will pay you 30% of all fees recovered.

It’s a matter of trust

We pay a standard share of 30% of all fees recovered by us.

In a typical road traffic case you can expect a fee of around £350.00 plus vat if the case settles without litigation.

Where we have to raise sheriff court proceedings, total fees are typically in the range of £4,000.00 to £5,000.00. You should expect fees of between £1,250.00 to £1,750.00 plus vat.

By all means phone us for a conversation about fee amounts.
Then let us get on with matters. If you want to attend consultations, order medical records or be at counsel’s beck and call, this arrangement is probably not for you .

We don’t do any other kind of work.

  • We believe in the clients and the cases.
  • We will leave no stone unturned to get justice for your client.
  • We don’t buy cases.
  • We never pay a referral fee to insurers or claims management companies, or any kind of fee to non-lawyer third parties.

We act on a genuine ‘no win no fee’ basis; we will protect your clients against adverse costs and charge them nothing during the progress of the case.

We know we can’t buy your trust. If you let us we will earn it. Talk to us.


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