Traffic accidents involving pedestrians can have dire consequences for the person on foot. Without the protection of seat belts, airbags, and a steel frame, a pedestrian may suffer physical and emotional trauma that results in lifelong dependence on others. Even pedestrians who suffer so-called minor injuries are at risk of future limitations if these injuries do not fully heal.

If you were injured while walking in the Glasgow area, we can determine who may be liable for your accident costs and personal losses. When you contact our team, we will discuss your claim with you during your free initial consultation—giving you the information you need without increasing your financial burden. Contact Conway Accident Law today by calling 0800 009 6953 or complete our online enquiry form to set up a no-obligation chat with a lawyer.

Pedestrian Accident LawyersPedestrian Accidents May Cause Severe and Permanent Injuries 

People traveling on foot are vulnerable to injuries from all sides. Intersections are particularly dangerous, as pedestrians may be struck by cyclists, cars, trucks, and other vehicles even when they are crossing the road legally. Even low-speed accidents can cause severe or fatal injuries to a pedestrian, especially if a driver is not paying attention. A driver’s failure to look before reversing out of a parking space can result in a backover accident, while a distracted driver may run off the road and strike pedestrians on sidewalks.

Pedestrians involved in these accidents may sustain a wide range of injuries, including:

  • Traumatic brain injury. Brain injuries are common in pedestrian accidents due to the person’s head making direct contact with the road, sidewalk, or oncoming vehicle. Traumatic brain injuries can affect a person’s memory, cognitive abilities, motor functions, speech, and intellect, and may result in a need for constant professional care.
  • Neck and back injuries. Injuries to the vertebrae and soft tissues of the neck are often extremely painful and may result in stiffness and limited motion. Back injuries commonly result in mobility problems even after surgery. They can cause permanent lifting and bending restrictions that can impact the victim’s ability to earn a living.
  • Internal injuries. The force of impact with a vehicle can cause internal bleeding or organ damage, resulting in the loss or altered function of kidneys, liver, lungs, or intestines.
  • Pelvic injuries. A pelvic injury can dramatically affect a victim’s health, lifestyle, and future. A broken pelvic bone makes walking or standing uncomfortable or even impossible. The injury could potentially affect the victim’s control over bodily functions or the ability to perform sexually.
  • Knee and joint injuries. A victim’s joints may absorb a great deal of force, causing injuries ranging from sprains to tears and dislocation.
  • Healing complications. Victims may suffer infections in surgical sites or open wounds, future implant procedures or plastic surgeries, or lifelong osteoarthritis as a result of broken bones. In some cases, injury victims may need to have a hand, leg, or foot amputated in order to save their lives.
  • Scarring or disfigurement. Victims may suffer dental injuries, cheekbone and nose fractures, or lacerations to the face and hands that cause disfiguring scars even after surgical intervention.
  • Paralysis. A spinal cord injury may result in tetraplegia or paraplegia, placing irreversible limitations on the victim’s future. Partial or total loss of sensation can cause mental suffering and lost enjoyment of life, while also requiring ongoing medical care to prevent infection.
  • Death. Unfortunately, many people who are struck by cars will be unable to recover from their injuries. In these cases, we assist family members in filing claims to get compensation for their loved one’s lost income as well as their own personal suffering.

Let Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Advise You After a Pedestrian Injury

Our law firm has over three decades of experience working exclusively for injury claimants, getting them the compensation they need to pay for medical expenses, travel costs, household help and care, loss of earnings and pension, and increased costs of living.

At Conway Accident Law, we can offer:

  • An end to the confusion. You are likely overwhelmed with questions and worries after your accident. We work to relieve that burden from your very first meeting with us. It will not cost you anything to tell us your story and get the answers you need to move forward.
  • A plan for the future. We believe in a personalised approach to every case we take. We want to know what your biggest concerns, the extent of your injury, and the effect that the accident has had on your daily life. With this information, we can build a claim that includes everything you have paid for out-of-pocket as well as your projected future costs and your pain and suffering.
  • Step-by-step guidance. We will walk you through the process of filing an injury claim, as well as what you can expect from us as we pursue compensation for you. We provide regular updates on your claim and make it easy to stay in contact with us if you have additional concerns going forward.
  • The ability to rest and heal. It is our goal to get you the compensation you are owed with minimum inconvenience to you. You can rest easy knowing that we are taking care of the legal aspects of your claim and that our "no-win, no-fee" pledge means that you will not have to pay lawyer fees if your claim is unsuccessful.

There are strict time limits for bringing a claim, so if you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, there is no time to delay. The sooner you seat with us, the better your chances of recovering compensation that will cover the full extent of your injuries. Call us today or fill out our enquiry form to set up your no-obligation conversation with a member of our legal team.

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