helping-children-after-a-pedestrian-accidentChildren are more likely to be involved in pedestrian accidents because it is hard for many children to notice and judge the distance of an oncoming vehicle. In addition, their smaller size and sudden movements make it more difficult for drivers to avoid a collision, placing children at risk of suffering catastrophic—or even fatal—injuries.

How a Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Benefits Your Claim

Unfortunately, these claims aren’t open and shut simply because your child was hurt. It will take an experienced lawyer to get your family proper compensation and justice for all that you have suffered. 

An injury lawyer who is familiar with pedestrian accidents can be invaluable to your claim by:

  • Determining fault. While the driver of a car is commonly the party at fault, there could be others who can share liability for the accident. We can examine the accident scene and speak to witnesses to discover if someone else played a role in causing the crash.
  • Proving the extent of injuries. Children are overwhelmingly likely to suffer severe injuries in pedestrian crashes, including injuries to the legs and back, dental and facial injuries, trauma to the head and neck, and disfiguring scars. These injuries need to be fully documented for your claim.
  • Calculating future lost income and future medical bills. The impact of a vehicle on a developing body may have irreversible effects, any one of which can affect your child’s future happiness and quality of life. Physical or cognitive limitations from the accident may require ongoing medical care, prevent the child from ever living independently, or cause emotional trauma that requires therapy for the rest of the victim’s life.

If your child was struck by a car while walking in the Glasgow area, we can help you get justice for your child and the payment you deserve for current and future losses. Call us today or fill out the enquiry form below to set up your no-obligation conversation with a member of our legal team.