Conway Accident Law Practice helps clients across the West of Scotland collect injury compensation after road traffic accidents, injuries on the job, industrial diseases, or after a loved one has been killed in a fatal accident. Contact our Glasgow offices to learn more about how we can help.

Car AccidentsCar Accidents

Thousands of people are injured on the highways of Scotland each year, but very few will get the compensation they need to put these accidents behind them. Our lawyers advocate for the rights of drivers and passengers in traffic crashes, including those hurt by an impaired driver, a distracted mobile phone user, or defective products and road conditions. 

Pedestrian AccidentsPedestrian Accidents

While the vast majority of pedestrian collisions are the fault of the driver, it is the person on foot who will bear the burden of serious injuries—possibly for the rest of his or her life. If you were injured as a result of another person's negligence while walking, you have a right to claim compensation. 

Accidents at WorkAccidents at Work

After an injury in the workplace, it may be difficult to know the extent of your injuries, how you will pay medical bills, and whether your condition will prevent you from earning a living. Our injury lawyers represent those who have been injured in the workplace—getting them the compensation they deserve for the full effects of an accident.

Construction AccidentsConstruction Accidents

A construction site injury can cause long-term disability, ongoing medical costs, and a sudden loss of income that adds undue stress to your recovery. Our lawyers represent injured construction workers, as well as family members whose loved ones have been killed on the job. 


Fatalities & Wrongful DeathFatalities & Wrongful Death

The sudden death of a family member is a traumatizing experience for those left behind. While no amount of compensation can make up for the loss of a loved one, survivors often suffer significant financial pressures in addition to their grief. Our lawyers advocate for relatives of victims killed in car crashes, defective products, work accidents, and other causes of wrongful death. 

Serious & Permanent InjurySerious & Permanent Injury

A serious injury can change your way of life forever. Our lawyers advocate for those who have suffered severe or permanent injury as a result of car accidents, defective products, construction site accidents, workplace accidents, or other forms of negligence.