Ronnie Conway APIL Senior FellowTwo members have reached the top ranks of APIL accreditation as Mark Harvey and Ronald Conway have both achieved senior fellow status.

Only 11 members have this level of accreditation currently. Senior fellow is the highest level of accreditation at APIL and highlights members with a wealth of experience and who have provided an outstanding contribution to personal injury law. Mark and Ronnie are also the first senior fellows in both Wales and Scotland, respectively. “I was amongst the original members when APIL was established,” said Mark, who is a partner and head of specialist personal injury at Hugh James.

“I have served the organisation at various levels and so to now be appointed a senior fellow is an incredible honour. I must thank my colleagues at Hugh James and the many counsel whom I have worked with to get me to this honour,” he said.

“I joined APIL in 1992 and still remember attending my first all-day seminar,” said Ronnie, solicitor advocate at Conway Accident Law Practice Ltd.

“I was blown away by the presenters and enthusiasm of my fellow attendees. The commitment of the membership is APIL’s great superpower. We are open source and no-one ever hides their homework. I am deeply proud and gratified to be awarded a senior fellowship. I am acutely aware that APIL has done more for me than I could ever repay,” Ronnie added.

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