The Secret Insider's Guide to Insuring Your Car - click here to purchase our new book
The Secret Insider's Guide to Insuring Your Car - click here to purchase our new book

Fatal Accident Inquiries

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If someone you love dies in circumstances that are sudden, suspicious or unexplained, or in circumstances that give rise to a serious public concern a Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) may take place.  The purpose of an FAI is to determine:

  • Where and when the death took place;
  • The cause of death;
  • Reasonable precautions that could have been taken to avoid the death, or to avoid similar deaths in the future;
  • The defect, if any, in any system of working which contributed to the death; and
  • Any other relevant factors. 

As a fact-finding exercise FAIs help try and prevent other similar tragedies occurring in the future.  However, as the focus is on broad public issues you, as a family member, may struggle to find the answers that you need to help you grieve.  If your loved one’s death is the subject of an FAI, and you want to have your views heard, then we can help.

Championing Rights:  Championing You

Ronnie Conway specialises in representing family members in FAIs and giving them a voice at a distressing and stressful time.  He has represented families in some high profile FAIs, most recently the family of Stephenie Tait in the George Square Bin Lorry FAI.  His skill and compassion enables families to obtain the answers they need and helps them understand the circumstances that led to the death of their loved one. 

Being involved with a case at such an early stage also puts you in a stronger position should a claim be necessary. 

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