understanding Scotland's time limits for car accident claimsIf you were injured while driving, hurt while riding as a passenger, or struck by a vehicle in Scotland, you have three years in which to file a personal injury claim for compensation. If legal proceedings have not begun within three years, the case will be time-barred and will likely not be heard by the court.

Time Limits on Filing a Car Accident Injury Claim in Scotland

While the time limits for filing injury claims may vary depending on your location, it is always best to get legal advice sooner rather than later. Evidence disappears quickly after a car accident, and a lawyer’s experience in these matters can be invaluable in the weeks following a crash. A lawyer may also explore whether other limitations may come to bear on your claim.

For example, the time limits that apply to your case may be shorter or longer depending on:

  • Whether you were under age 16 when the crash occurred. Victims under 16 years old have three years after the date on which they turn 16 to file a claim. If you are a parent or legal guardian to someone under the age of 16 who was injured in a crash, you may pursue a claim on the victim’s behalf as long as you were not the party responsible for causing the accident.
  • If you are not a resident of Scotland. There are three different legal jurisdictions in the UK alone, and many more that could be applied to the case if you were injured while visiting Scotland. 
  • If your injuries did not immediately appear after the accident. Car accident injuries are usually immediately apparent in the days after a crash, but some will take longer to present than others. In these cases, the date of limitation may begin from the date when the injury was discovered, rather than the date on which the crash occurred.
  • The exact cause of the crash. Time limits may change depending on the type of accident, such as injuries involving defective vehicles or poor road conditions.

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