Client Care Guarantee

We can’t guarantee that we will win your case.

No lawyer can.

We 100% guarantee that whilst you are a client with The Conway Accident Law Practice we will treat you with courtesy, care and respect.

If you Google “My lawyer won’t call me back” you will get over 6 million hits. You don’t want to join them.

The Conway Accident Law Client Care Guarantee is that we will give you a same day response to any correspondence by telephone, email or text, or get back to you by 12 noon the following day at the latest. (Obviously weekends/public holidays are excepted!)

It’s the least we can do.

This is a no quibble Guarantee and there is no small print.

If we break this promise let us know and we will send you free of charge an Amazon Fire Tablet.

Act now — for a no-obligation chat call us on

0800 009 6953 or send us an email

You've nothing to lose and it will cost you nothing