Why Use Us

We always put the client in the center of everything we do.

We know we can’t buy your trust.  We do believe we can earn it.

If you Google “My lawyer won’t call me back” you will get over 6 million hits.

The Conway Accident Law Practice believes in communication and the power of the team.

If you telephone us you will not be told your call is important whilst we put you on hold. 

You will be put through immediately to a knowledgeable and sympathetic human being who will first of all listen to you, and who will then help you directly or refer you to someone who can. 

We don’t just say it, we guarantee it. If we don’t return your call immediately or within 24 hours we will send you an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. No small print, no quibbles, no questions asked.  It’s part of our service agreement with you. 

We offer this because we know our clients don’t abuse it. Trust works both ways.

We are looking to finalise your claim at full value with a minimum of fuss and no hidden charges if we do.

Just about everyone has received a text or a cold call from some unknown organisation telling you you are entitled to compensation.  Ever wondered how they got your details?  The answer is that the official organisations you have been dealing with have sold on your personal data for a referral fee.

We never pay referral fees for any case, whether to a claims management company, garage or body shop or your own insurers.   Instead we rely on word of mouth recommendations from people just like you.

What you get with us is our belief in you and your case, our energy, expertise and attention to detail, and our commitment always to do the right thing.

We are specialists in accident  law and litigation. Ronnie Conway is one of the leading accident and injury lawyers in Scotland and has published widely.

We act for injured persons on a no win no fee basis. If we take your case you won’t pay anything at any time until and unless we recover for you. We guarantee that as well.

Call us now on freephone and start the conversation.

The Conway Accident Law Practice
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