The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers “APIL” was set up in 1990. So this year is the 30th anniversary of the organisation. It is a forum for claimant lawyers only, is committed to improvements by way of education and training, and operates an open source mentality.

Everyone who works in this area of law knows how well-organised the insurance industry is, and how well armed  and well  educated is the defenders’ personal injury bar. And of course the insurers have financial resources which dwarf those available to any single claimant or claimant firm.

The whole point of APIL is to level the playing field with the power of the claimant community. Every APIL member is committed to information sharing and case assistance to colleagues.

The formal Anniversary celebrations were due to take place in May of this year but have been postponed for obvious reasons.  The short video shows how some members view the organisation.