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Because the insurance industry isn’t looking out for your best interests.

That probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to you — after all, we all love to hate insurers.

But you might not realise quite how dysfunctional the industry is… and quite how much people like you and me get screwed over every day.

So I wrote The Secret Insider’s Guide to Insuring Your Car to reveal the truths the insurance industry doesn’t want you know.

Truths like the way insurance companies really work (it’s a bit like a giant casino, where the house always wins).

Truths like how many of us are getting ripped off at every turn (simply because we don’t know any better).

Truths like not getting the support we need and deserve if we’re unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident (despite paying through the nose for it).

Your Insurance Company Is Not Looking Out For You


But I can look out for you. I’m Ronnie Conway and I’m a personal injury lawyer. I’ve spent most of my career fighting to help people just like you get a fair deal — because the insurance companies have different priorities.

I wrote this book because, frankly, it’s time someone called out the whole car insurance industry.

Ultimately, all insurers just want to maximise their profits and minimise their expenses.

Your wants and needs don’t really come into it. Which means, if you have an accident, your life becomes a battleground between the huge businesses involved — leaving you in the middle baffled, bewildered, and ripped off.

The insurance industry has created a minefield for normal drivers like you and me — but you can navigate your way around it.

Don’t Get Ripped Off!

This book will help you.
You’ll discover:

  • The 5 myths the insurance industry wants you to believe — and why they’re happy when you’ve got the wool pulled over your eyes (on pages 9—13)
  • How insurance cover really works — and what you need to know to avoid getting caught out. (page 28 includes a cautionary tale about a senior Scottish politician who thought he was covered… but ended up in hot water)
  • How to get the best deal on your car insurance — this could save you hundreds of pounds in the short term and thousands of pounds if you’re unlucky enough to be involved in an accident (and on page 51 you’ll discover how to overcome a sneaky trick played by insurers that could save you a whopping £326 on your policy. Hint it’s all in the timing.)
  • Why almost half of vehicles repair by insurance company approved garages are “sub-standard” and what you can do to make sure you get the service and repairs you deserve (page 106 explains why this is a compelling reason to decline your insurance company’s “help”)
  • What to do in an accident — chapter 3 is a quick guide to protecting yourself and others at the scene, and a checklist of your legal “must dos”
  • Whose fault is it anyway? What “fault” really means, and how to avoid being at fault (and if you want to discover why Scotland is considered the deadliest place in Europe to go for a walk, see page 89)
  • The one simple thing you must do after an accident to make sure you get what you’ve paid for and have the best chance of being properly compensated (see page 103 for specific advice on how to claim your rights)
  • Why you should get a specialist lawyer to fight for you if you’re involved in an accident and how they can save you thousands — and make sure you get the compensation you rightfully deserve (see page 139 to discover how to get the most out of your initial call with a lawyer)s
  • How to choose a lawyer who’ll have your best interests at heart and how to avoid getting stuck with those who don’t (page 155 contains the single most useful piece of advice when choosing your lawyer)

How To Navigate The Insurance Minefield

Ideally, you’ll never need to use the chapters about claims and accidents… but if you do, this book will make sure you’re able to navigate the whole process and protect yourself and your family.

You won’t have to worry any more about how to get the best deal on car insurance, or how to avoid getting ripped off — because this book shows you exactly how to do it.

And you’ll discover a few little tricks that’ll help you save even more cash — tips you can pass onto your friends and family, helping them to make insurance work for them the way it’s supposed to.

This book isn’t a “do it yourself guide”. You can’t do it yourself, you’ll have to work with and co-operate with some organisations.

But it is a “know it yourself” guide, with the aim of arming you with the “Secret Insider” knowledge you need to make informed decisions in your own best interests.

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