Petrocelli was the lawyer who successfully sued O.J. Simpson in a civil damages suit after the criminal prosecution failed. He knew that it’s not about what happened—it’s about what you can prove.

We act in almost every case on a no-win, no-fee basis. If we don’t recover for you, you don’t get paid and neither do we. We have a simple philosophy and approach to your case. We know it’s not just about what happened to you. We know it’s about what you can prove.

Our principal solicitor is one of the leading accident claims lawyers in Scotland with a pretty spectacular case record, but he has lost cases as well. Not very many, but each one has taught bitter lessons over what is needed to win your case.

How to Prove Your Case

It’s not as simple as putting a bank card into an ATM machine. We use maximum effort at the start of the case to get the evidence that will prove your case if we have to. This means getting all witness statements, photographs, and official reports as quickly as possible.

We know that most people want a realistic settlement with a minimum of fuss and inconvenience. No one wants to go to court unless they have to. Whilst you may think you are dealing with an individual person such as the other driver, your employer, or a landlord, the defence will most likely be handled by an insurance company.

Those insurers will be looking to exit from your case at minimum expense to themselves. To them, you’re just a number and preferably NIL. It’s nothing personal. They’re not registered charities; their duties are not to you, but to their shareholders.

Our job is to persuade them that it is cheaper to pay you out a proper measure of compensation for your injury than it is to resist your claim. For that, they need to know that you have the evidence to take them to court if necessary.

So, we will work with you to identify, obtain, and preserve the evidence which will let us win your case if we have to. We can’t fight for you with one hand tied behind our back.

Contact Us Today

It is important that you contact us as soon as possible after your accident before witnesses and documents disappear or memories fade.

You sometimes hear that you can delay three years to claim after an accident. That is what the law says, but it doesn’t work like that in practice. Wait too long and the trail goes cold.

That is why we never take on cases from other lawyers after proceedings are raised, as we are frequently requested to do. Some things you just can’t fix, and a lack of evidence is one of them.

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You've nothing to lose.