Steven Pettigrew was injured in a moving and handling accident at work in October 2015.

He has required ongoing medical and chiropractor treatment for back pain.

Steven is a big strong guy and not a person to shirk any kind of hard work.   But Steven always thought his employer was at fault for not carrying out proper risk assessments on the very heavy loads he repeatedly had to carry.

He picked the lawyer he wanted to act for him in his accident claim, using what is quite possibly the worst selection method of all- social media.   Where he believed everything the lawyer wrote about himself.

Steven paid the price for this choice with literally hundreds of unreturned phone calls and requests for updates and information.

He finally contacted Conway Accident Law Practice, based on the advice of a knowledgeable family friend who worked in the legal arena.

Conway Accident Law Practice picked the matter up more than 3 years after the original incidents. We were able to source and fund a moving and handling expert witness, and to get detailed updated medical opinion.

The result was that although litigation proceedings were raised, a good settlement was obtained without the need for a court hearing.  And all within a year of Steven’s original contact with Conway Accident Law Practice.  

Please watch the video to learn more about Steven’s story in his own words.